Aubrey Rose


     I appreciate the process of exploring. Finding something new and figuring out what can be done with the new discovery. How can it be transformed through viewpoint and lighting. Exploring and finding more out about an object person or location is what I do each shoot with myself.

Aubrey Rose is an alias used by photographer Abraham Smith. It made it easier to search for his work as well as gave him an original name. Rose coming from his mother;s name, who passed when he was 18 after buying him his first pro level camera. 

He used to go home and show her all the images he took for the day, now you're the audience he rushes to show. Starting in fashion, moving into more conceptual and cinematic shots he is developing his style while experimenting with light.

"In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts.." -Emerson


Mark Rothko

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13th out of 500 -In Time(Justin Timberlake Poster Contest)